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B.Sc. theses

B.Sc. theses are not systematically placed in the repository. Only a number of selected theses are available in this way. This link gives an overview of all B.Sc theses in hydraulic engineering until 2016. After 2016 B.Sc .thesis do not have  tag related to the department any more.  On top of the list a search menu will appear which allows you to specify in more detail. For BSc theses from Higher Vocational Schools (HBO) see the HBO kennisbank.


MSc reports are available from the Education Repository. The information below helps you to pinpoint specific theses.

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All theses before 1970

In 2017 the Repository started to use a different classification system, therefore there are two lists for 2017. All available thesis from the department of Hydraulic Engineering are digitized. From 1984 onwards our archive is complete. From the years before 1984 not all reports are available (they are not any more in the possession of TU Delft).

For finding a specific thesis with a known author, but unknown year, go to the repository and add in the searchbox  the name of that author (you may use wildcards, e.g. "Author: Bos*". This also gives authors like Van den Bosch). Likewise, you can also use "Contributor:" to find a thesis with a specific mentor. Important notice: For reports before 2009 the search on department name (hydraulic engineering) does not give all the hydraulic master theses; for those years one can use the search key: "faculty:civil". In principle it will give a list of all CiTG graduation reports, however for those years hardly any reports from other departments are placed in the repository.

For finding a thesis on a specific topic, go to the repository and type some keywords (keywords are connected with logical OR). Also here you may use wildcards, e.g. "breakwater*". When you use two search terms, then a logical AND, is used, e.g. "breakwater* toe" means "breakwater* AND toe".

You may limit your search to specific years. In the box "year:" you may enter one year. Alternatively you can use the filter in the bottom left to select on a range.

For M.Sc. theses from Higher Vocational Schools (HBO) see the HBO kennisbank.

Publication policy for M.Sc.-theses

In principle all M.Sc.-reports are placed in the digital repository of the TU Delft Library, and therefore published on the Internet, irrespective of the mark assigned to the report (of course only reports with a passing mark are published, reports with a non-passing mark are not accepted for publication, because the student will not receive a diploma with a thesis assessed with non-passing mark). The reasons of publishing M.Sc.-theses are that:

In some cases thesis studies are performed in cooperation with third parties. Sometimes this may lead to an embargo for a certain period on the report. This might be the case when the study is providing background information for political decision making or a part of a tender procedure.

In some cases the study is partly based on confidential, commercial information of the third party. In those cases it is the policy of the section to split the report in a public document and a confidential annex. The public document should contain sufficient information to assess the quality of the study.

In the past some studies were performed where we agreed full confidentiality with the third party involved. On our website these reports are listed without a link to the full text version in the repository of the library.