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Below is an alphabetical list (order by author) of the books in the library. This list is not yet complete, it is under construction. At this moment 177 books of the approx. 600 books are in.
Note that the books in the shelves are not in a particular sequence. You have to look around. This is also to stimulate serendipity.

Abarbanel, Henri D.I.; Analysis of observed chaotic data 1996
Ablowitz, M.J.; Clarkson, P.A. Solitons, nonlinear evolution equations and inverse scattering 1991
Ablowitz, Mark J.; Segur, Harvey Soliton and the inverse scattering transform 1981
Abraham, Ralph; Marsden, Jerrold E. Fooundations of mechanics 1978
Abramowitz, Milton; Stegun, Irene A. Handbook of mathematical functins 1965
Akhmanov, S.A.; Khokhlov, R.V.. Problems of nonlinear optics (electromagnetic waves in nonlinear dispersive media) 1972
Ames, W.F.; Rogers, C. Nonlinear equations in the applied sciences 1992
Anderson, O.D. Time series 1980
Andraonov, A.A.; Leontovich, E.A.; Gordon, I.I.; Maier, A.G. Theory of bifurcations of dynamic systems on a plane 1973
Antoniou, I.; Lambert, F.J. Solitons and chaos 1991
Arcilla, A.S; Pastor, M.; Zienkiewics, O.C.; Schrefler, b.A. Computer modelling in Ocean Engineering, 91 1991
Arnold, V.I. Geometrical methods in the theory of ordinary differential equations 1983
Arnold, V.I. Catastrophe theory 1986
Arnold, V.I. Mathematical methods of classical mechanics 1978
Asano, Naruyoshi; Kato, Yusuke Algebraic and spectral methods for nonlinear wave equations 1990
Atlee Jackson, E. Perspectives of nonlinear dynamics, vol 1 1990
Atlee Jackson, E. Perspectives of nonlinear dynamics, vol 2 1990
Baehr, H.D. Thermodynamik 1966
Baines, Peter G. Topographic effects in stratified flows 1995
Barber, N.F. Water waves 1969
Barenblatt, G.I.; Iooss, G.; Joseph, D.D. Nonlinear dynamics and turbulence 1983
Bas, J. Éléments de calcul de probabilités; théorique et appliqué 1992
Basset, A.B. A treatise on hydrodynamics vol 1 1961
Basset, A.B. A treatise on hydrodynamics vol 2 1961
Batchelor, G.K. IUTAM symposium on fluid mechanics in the spirit of G.I. Taylor 1986
Bath, M. Spectral analysis in geophysics 1974
Bavinck, H.; Grasman, J. Relaxatietrillingen 1969
Beauchamps, K.G. Walsh functions and their applications 1975
Bellman, R.; Vasudevan, R. Wave propagation, an invariant imbedding approach 1986
Bellman, R.; Wing, G.M. An introduction to invariant imbedding 1975
Bennett, Andrew Lagrangian fluid dynamics 2006
Berestetski, V.; Lifchitz, E.; Pitayevski, L. Théorie quantique relativiste 1 1971
Berry, M.V.; Percival, I.C.; Weiss, N.O. Dynamical chaos (proceedings) 1987
Betchov, Robert; Crimale, William O. Stability of parallel flows 1967
Bharuch-Reid, A.T. Probabilistic analysis and related topics, vol 3 1983
Bhatnagar, P.L. Nonlinear waves in one-dimensional dispersive systems 1979
Bickley, W.G.; Talbot, A. An inttroduction to the theory of vibrating systems 1961
Bird, R. Byron; Stewart, Warren E.; Lightfoot, Edwin N. Transport phenomena 1960
Birkhoff, Garrett Hydrodynamics, a study in logic, fact and similitude 1960
Bishop, A.R.; Schneider, T. Solitons and condensed matter physics 1978
Blackmand, R.B.; Tukey, J.W. The measurement of power spectra 1959
Bodifée, G.; Dethier, T.; Wojciulewitsch Algemene sterrenkunde 1977
Bona, J.L.; Dafermos, C.; Ericksen, J.L.; Kinderlehrer, D. Dynamical problems in continuum mechanics 1987
Booth, A.D. Numerical methods 1966
Born, Max; Wolf, Emil The principles of optics 1975
Box, George E.P.; Jenkins, Gwilym M. Time series analysis: forecasting and control 1976
Boyd, Robert W. Nonlinear optics 1992
Brigham, E. Oram The fast Fourier transform 1974
Brookes, Andrew Channelized rivers, perspectives for environmental management 1988
Brown, J. Electromagnetic wave theory, proceedings, part 2 1967
Bühler, Oliver Waves and mean flows 2009
Burke, William L. Applied differential geometry 1985
Burkill,J.C. The theory of orinary differnential equations 1962
Byrd, P.F.; Friedman, M.D. Handbook of elliptic integrals for engineers and scientists 1971
Calogero, F. Nonlinear evolution equations solvable by the spectral transform 1978
Calogero, F.; Degasperis, A. Spectral transform and solitons I 1982
Camfield, Frederick Proceedings of the symposium on long waves, 1970 1972
Carrier, George F.; Krook, Max; Pearson, Carl E. Functions of a complex variable 1966
Carslaw, H.S.; Jaeger, J.C. Operational methods in applied mathematics 1963
Casdagli, Martin; Eubank, Stephen Nonlinear modeling and forecasting 1992
Cavaleri, L. Wind and waves in the northern Adriatic 1996
Cayley, Arthur An elementary treatise on elliptic functions 1895 1961
Chadan, K.; Sabatier, P.C. Inverse problems in quantum scattering theory 1977
Chandresekhar, S. Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability 1961
Chatfield, C. The analysis of time series, an introduction 1980
Chen, Peter J. Selected topics in wave propagation 1976
Childers, Donald G. Modern spectrum analysis 1978
Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne; De Witt-Morette, Cécile; Dillard-Bleick, Margaret Analysis, manifolds and physics 1970
Chow, Ven te Advances in hydroscience, vol 13 1982
Claerbout, Jon F. Fundamentals of geophysical data processing 1976
Cohen, E.G.D. Fundamental problems in statistical mechanics V (proceedings) 1980
Cohen, Gary Mathematical and numerical aspects of wave propagation, (proc 3rd conference) 1995
Cole, Julian D. Perurbation methods in applied mathematics 1968
Colton, David Partial differential equations, an introduction 1988
Constantin, Adrian Nonlinear water waves with applications to wave-current interaction and tsunamis 2011
Copeson, E.T. Asymptotic expansions 1971
Corduneanu, C. Almost periodic functions 1989
Coulson, Charles A. Electricity 1961
Craik, A.D.D. Wave interactions and fluid flows 1985
Cramèr, Harald Mathematical methods of statistics 1974
Csanady, G.Y. Circulation in the coastal ocean 1982
Cunge, J.A.; Holly, F.M.; Verwey, A. Practical aspects of computational river hydraulics 1980
Curtain, Ruth F.; Pritchard, A.J. Functional analysis in modern applied mathematics 1977
Darkov, A.; Kuznetsov, V. Structural mechanics 1974
Davenport, Wilbur B. Probability and random processes 1970
Davidson, Ronald C. Methods in nonlinear plasma theory 1972
Debnath, Lokenath Nonlinear dispersive wave systems (proceedings) 1992
Debnath, Lokenath Nonlinear water waves   1994
Devaney, Robert L. Chaotic dynamical systems 1986
Dijkstra, D.; Geurts, B.J.; Kuerten, J.G.M.; Kuiken, H.K. Floating, flowing, flying (work of Pieter Zandbergen) 1998
Dodd, R.K.; Eilbeck, J.C.; Gibbon, J.D., Morris, H.C. Solitons and nonlinear wave equations 1982
Doetsch, Gustav Guide to the applications of the Laplace Z-transforms 1971
Draxin, P.G. Solitons 1983
Drazin, P.G. Nonlinear systems 1992
Dyer, Keith R. Coastal and estuarine sediment dynamics 1986
Earle, Marshall D.; Malahoff, Alexander Ocean wave climate 1978
Eck, Bruno Technische Strömungslehre 1966
Eckhaus, W.; van Harten, A. The inverse scattering transformation and the theory of solitons 1981
Eckhaus, Wictor Asymptotic analysis of singular perturbations 1979
Edelen, Dominic G.B. Isovector methods for equations of balance 1980
Eilenberger, G. Solitons, mathematical methods for physicists 1981
Engelbrecht, J. Nonlinear wave processing of deformation of solids 1983
Engeln-Müllens, Gisela; Uhlig, Frank Numerical algorithms with Fortran 1996
Enns, Richard H. Computer Algebra recepies for mathematical physics 2005
Enslein, Kurt; Ralston, Antony; Wilf, Herbert S. Statistical methods for digital computers III 1976
Fabrikant, A.L.; Stepanyants, Y.A. Propagation of waves in shear flows 1998
Faddeev, L.D.; Takhtajan, L.A. Hamiltonian methods in the theory of solitons 1987
Falconer, K.J. The geometry of fractal sets 1985
Feller, William An introduction to probability theory and its applications, vol 2 1966
Felsager, Bjorn Geometry, particles and fields 1981
Feshbach, Herman; Ingard, K. Uno In honor of Philip M. Morse 1969
Findley, David F. Applied time series analysis 1978
Flatté, Stanley M. Sound transmission through a flucuating ocean 1979
Fletcher, C.A.J. Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, vol 1 1991
Fletcher, C.A.J. Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, vol 2 1991
Flügge, S. Practical quantum mechanics 1974
Franke, J.; Härdle, W.; Martin, D. Robust and non linear time series analysis 1984
Franklin, Philip Differential equations for engineers 1933
Frieden, B.R. The computer in optical research, methods and application 1980
Fröberg, Carl-Erik Numerical mathematics 1985
Fröman, Nanny; Fröman, Per Olof JWKB approximation, contributions to the theory 1965
Fung, Y.C. A first course in continuum mechanics 1969
Gardiner, C.W. Handbook of stochastic methods for physics, chemistry and the natural sciences 1983
Gervais, J.L.; Neveu, A. Extended systems in field theory (proceedings) 1976
Ghill, M. Turbulence and predictability in geophysical fluid dynamics and climate dynamics (1983) 1985
Gillespie, R.P. Partial differentiation 1954
Gladwell, I.; Wait, R. A survey of numerical methods for partial differential equations 1979
Goldberg, Edward D.; McCave, I.N.; O'Brien, J.J.; Steele, J.H. The sea, ideas and observations on progress in the study of the seas; vol 6, marine modeling 1977
Goldstein, Herbert Classical mechanics 1950
Gomez, B.; Moore, S.M.; Rodriguez-Varga, A.M.; Reuda, A. Stochastic processes applied to physics and other related fields, (proceedings Cali 1982) 1983
Goosens, Michel; Mittelbach, Frank; Samarin, Alexander The Latex companion 1994
Graf, Walter H.; Altinakar, M.S. Hydraulique fluviale,; ecoule permanente uniforme et non uniforme 1993
Graves-Morris, P.R. Pade approximants and their applications (proceedings) 1973
Greenhill, Alfred Geaorge The applications of elliptic functions 1892 1959
Grenander, Ulf Mathematical experiments on the computer 1982
Grimshaw, R. Nonlinear ordinary differential equations 1990
Groen, P.; Dorrestein, R. Zeegolven 1976
Groesen, E. van; de Jager, E.M. Mathematical structures in continuous dynamical systems 1994
Guckenheimer, John; Holmes, Philip Nonlinear oscillations, dynamical systems and bifurcations of vector fields 1983
Guion, Etienne; Hulin, Jean-Pierre; Petit, Luc; Mitescu, Catalin D. Physical hydrodynamics 2001
Gumbel, E.J. Statistics of extremes 1958
Haken, Hermann Andvanced synergetics 1983
Haken, Hermann Synergetics 1983
Hale, Jack K. Ordinary differential equations 1969
Hannan, E.J. Time series analysis 1960
Hannan, E.J. Multiple time series 1970
Hansen, Asmus Thomas Kraft- und Arbeitsmachinen 1964
Harmuth, Henning F. Nonsinusoidal waves for radar and radio communciation 1981
Harnett, Donald L. Statistical methods 1982
Harris, Bernard Spectral analysis of time series (proceedings) 1967
Hartog, J.P. den Mechanics   1948
Hartog, J.P. den Strength of materials 1949
Havelock, T.H. The propagation of disturbances in dispersive media 1964
Haykin, S. Nonlinear methods of spectral analysis 1979
Heck, André Introduction to Maple 1996
Hermans, A.J. 13th Int workshop on water waves and floating bodies 1998
Hermans, A.J. 13th Int workshop on water waves and floating bodies, discussions 1998
Hinze, J.O. Turbulence 1959
Horikawa, Kiyoshi Coastal engineering 1978
Hudson, J.A. The excitation and propagation of waves 1980
Hunt, J.N. Gravity waves in water of finite depth 1997
Ince, E.L. Integration of ordinary differential equations 1943
Ince, E.L. Ordinary differential equations - 1926 1956
Infeld, Eryk; Rowlands, George Nonlinear waves, solitons and chaos 1990
Ingard, K.U. Fundamentals of waves and oscillations 1988
Ippen, Arthur T. Estuary and coastline hydrodynamics 1966
Ipsen, D.C. Units, dimensions and dimensionless numbers 1966
Ishamura, Akira Wave propagation and scattering in random media, vol 2 1978
Ishamura, Akira Wave propagation and scattering in random media, vol 1 1978
Jeffrey, A. Quasilinear hyperbolic systems 1976
Jeffrey,A.; Kawahara, T. Asymptotic methods in nonlinear wave theory 1982
Jenkins, Gwylym M. Practical experiences with modelling and forecasting time series 1979
Johnson, R.S. A modern introduction to the mathematical theory of water waves 1997
Johnson, W.E. Logic, logic, logic, logic 1964
Jones, D.S. The theory of electromagnetism 1964
Jorna, Siebe Topics in nonlinear dynamics, a tribute to sir Edward Bullard (proceedings) 1978
Joseph, Daniel D. Sability of fluid motions I 1976
Kamminga-van Hulsen, Metha Computeralgebra met Maple 1993
Kampen, N.G. van Stochastic processes in physics and chemistry 1981
Kantz, Holger; Schreiber, Thomas Nonlinear series analysis 1997
Karpman, V.I. Non-linear waves in dispersive media 1975
Kay,J.M. An introduction to fluid mechanics and heat transfer 1963
Kendall, Maurice; Stuart, Alan The advanced theory of statistics vol 1 1977
Kendall, Maurice; Stuart, Alan The advanced theory of statistics vol 2 1977
Kendall, Maurice; Stuart, Alan The advanced theory of statistics vol 3 1977
Kinsman, Blair Wind waves 1965
Knuth, Donald E. The art of computer programming, vol 3, sorting and searching 1973
Koschmieder, E.L. Bénard cells and tailor vortices 1993
Kraus, Nicholas C. History and heritage of coastal engineering 1996
Krishnaiah, Paruchuri R. Developments in statistics, vol 2 1979
Kuiper, L.; Timman, R. Handboek der wiskunde 2 1970
Kuiper, L.; Timman, R. Handboek der wiskunde 3 1970
Kuipers, L.; Timman, R. Handboek der wiskunde I 1966
Kurosh, A.G. Lectures in General Algebra 1965
Lamb, G.L. Elements of soliton theory 1980
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Méchanique quantique - théorie non relativiste 1967
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Physique statistique 1967
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Théorie de l'élasiticité 1967
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Électrodynamique des milieux continues 1969
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Méchanique  1969
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Théorie des champs 1 1969
Landau, E.; Lifchitz, E. Théorie du champs 2 1969
Landau, L.; Kitaigorodski, A. La ohysique à la portée de tous 1966
Lauwerier, Hans Fractals, meetkundige figuren in eindeloze herhaling 1987
Lavrentiev, M.; Chabat, B. Effects hydrodynamiques et modèles mathématiques 1980
Leadbetter, M.R.; Lindgren, Georg; Rootzén, Holger Extremes and related properties of random sequences and processes 1983
Leibovich, Sidney; Seebass, A. Richard Nonlinear waves  1974
Leinwoll, Stanley Understanding lasers and masers 1965
LeMéhauté, Bernard An introduction to hydrodynamics and water waves 1976
LeMéhauté, Bernard; Hanes, Daniel M. The Sea, vol A. 1990
LeMéhauté, Bernard; Hanes, Daniel M. The Sea, vol B. 1990
Leontovich, M.AS. Reviews of plasma physics, vol 7 1979
Lichnerowicz, A. Elements of tensor calculus 1962
Lichtenberg, A.J.; Liebermann, M.A. Regular and stochastic motion 1983
Lifchitz, E.; Pitayevski, L. Théorie quantique relativiste 2 1973
Lifchitz, E.; Pitayevski, L. Cinétique physique 1990
Ligget, James A.; Liu, Philip L.F. The boundary integral equation method for porous media flow 1983
Lin, C.C. The theory of hydrodynamic stability 1966
Lin, C.C.; Segel, L.A. Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences 1988
Lions, J.L. Quelques méthodes de résolution des problèmes aux limites non linéaires 1969
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 1 1995
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 2 1996
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 3 1997
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 4 1999
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 5 1999
Liu, Philip L.F. Advances in coastal and ocean engineering, vl 6 2000
Loève, M. Probability theory I 1978
Loève, M. Probability theory II 1978
Lorenz, Edward N. The essence of chaos 1993
Lorrain, Paul; Corson, Dale Electromagnetic fields and waves 1962
Lund, John; Bowers, Kenneth L. Sinc methods for quadrature and differential equations 1992
Lurje, A.I. Räumliche Probleme der Ealstizitätstheorie 1963
Lynett, P. Nonlinear wave dynamics, (proc. Liu's 60th birthday symp.) 2009
Macfarlane, A.G.J. Engineering systems analysis 1964
Makhankov, V.G. Dynamics of classical solitons (in non-integrable systems) 1978
Mandal, B.N. Mathematical techniques for water waves 1997
Martini, R. Geometrical approaches to differential equations 1980
Massel, R.; Zeidler, R.B. Proc. International Investigations Lubiatowo-76 1980
Matveev, V.B.; Salle, M.A. Darboux transformations and solitons 1991
McIntosh, D.H.; Thom, A.S. Essentials of meteorology 1978
McLachlan, N.W. Bessel functions for engineers 1955
Mei, Chiang C.;Vernescu, Bogdan Homogenization methods for multiscale mechanics 2010
Meyer, Richard E. Transition and turbulence 1981
Michlin, Solomon G. Variationsmethoden der mathematischen Physik 1962
Miller, J.J.H.; O'Riordan, E; Shishkin, G.I. Fitted numerical methods for singular perturbation problems 1996
Milne-Thomson, L.M. Theoretical hydrodynamics 1968
Mittra, R. Numerical and asymptotic techniques in electromagnetics 1975
Mohammadi, B.; Prioneau, O. Analysis of the K-epsilon turbulence model 1994
Monin, A.S.; Yanglom, A.M. Statistical fluid mechanics: mechanics of turbulence, vol 1 1965
Monin, A.S.; Yanglom, A.M. Statistical fluid mechanics: mechanics of turbulence, vol2  1965
Montagu, Ashley Anthropology and human nature 1957
Montroll, E.W.; Lebowitz, J.L. Fluctuation phenomena 1979
Mood, Alexander M.; Graybill, Franklin A.; Boes, Duane C. Introduction to the theory of statistics 1963
Mooers, Christopher N.K. Coastal ocean prediction 1999
Moon, B.A.M. Computer programming for science and engineering 1966
Moroney, M.J. Facts from figures 1951
Morse, Philip M.; Feshbach, Herman Methods of theoretical physics, part I 1953
Morse, Philip M.; Feshbach, Herman Methods of theoretical physics, part II 1953
Mottoni, Piero de; Salvadori, Luigi nonlinear differential equations, invariance, stability and bifurcation 1981
Muller, Paul Concise encyclopedia of astronomy 1968
Muschelischwili, N.I. Singuläre Integralgleichungen 1965
Naslin, P. Les régimes variables dans les systèmes linéaires et non linéaires 1962
Naslin, P. The dynamics of linear and non-linear systems 1965
Neave, H.R. Statistics tables  1978
Nekrasova, A.V.; Pelinovskogo, E.N Praktikum po dynamike okeana 1992
Newell, Alan C. Solitons in mathematics and physics 1985
Newell, Allan C. Nonlinear wave motion 1974
Newland, D.E. Random vibrations and spectral analysis 1974
Nigul, U.; Engelbrecht, J. Nonlinear deformation waves 1983
Oberhettinger, F.; Magnus, W. Anwendung der elliptischen Functionen in Physik und Technik 1949
Olver, F.W.J. Asymptotic and special functions 1974
Olver, Peter J. Applications of Lie groups to differential equations 1986
Oppenheim, Alan V.; Schafer, Ronald W. Digital signal processing 1975
Osborne, Alfred R. Topics in ocean physics, proceedings (1980) 1982
Osborne, Alfred R. Topics in ocean physics, proceedings (1988) 1991
Osborne, Alfred R. Nonlinear ocean waves an the inverse scattering transform 2010
Papoulis, Athanasios The Fourier integral and its applications 1962
Patterson, E.M.; Rutherford, D.E. Elementary abstract algebra 1965
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto; Jürgens, Hartmut; Saupe, Dietmar Fractals for the classroom, part 1, introduction to fractals and Chaos 1992
Pelinovskii, E.N. Nelineinaja dinamika voli tsunami 1982
Philips, O.M. The dynamics of the upper ocean 1977
Pond, Stephen, Pickard, George L. Introductory dynamical oceanography 1983
Pontriaguise, L.; Boltianski, V.; Gamkrelidze, R.; Michtchenko, E. Théorie mathématique des processus optimaux 1974
Popov, Vla

Popov, Vladimir, ed. Dynamical processes in coastal regions , results of the Kamchiya international project 1990
Priestley, M.B. Specral analysis and time series, vol 1 1981
Priestley, M.B. Specral analysis and time series, vol 2 1981
Priestley, M.B. Non-linear and non-stationary time series analysis 1988
Prigogine, Ilya From being to becoming, time and complexity in the physical sciences 1980
Purcell, J. Linux complete 1997
Rabiner, Lawrence R.; Gold, Bernard Theory and application of digital signal processing 1975
Rajaraman, R. Some non-perturbative semi-classical methods in quantum field theory (a pedagogical review) 1975
Ralston, Antony A first course in numerical analysis 1965
Ralston, Antony; Wilf, Herbert S. Mathematical methods for digital computers I 1967
Ralston, Antony; Wilf, Herbert S. Mathematical methods for digital computers II 1967
Raudkivi, A.J. Loose boundary hydraulics 1967
Rayleigh, J.W.S. The theory of sound -1894 1945
Rebbi, Claudio; Soliani, Giulio Solitons and particles 1984
Reissig, R.; Sansone, G.; Conti, R. Nichtlineare Differentialgleichungen höheren Ordnung 1969
Remoissenet, M. Waves called solitons, concepts and experiments 1994
Richtmeyer, Robert D.;Morton, K.W. Difference methods for initial value problems 1957
Roache, Patrick Computational fluid dynamics 1972
Roseau, Maurice Vibrations non linéares et théorie de la stabilité 1966
Roseau, Maurice Asymptotic wave theory 1976
Rouse, Hunte,; Ince, Simon History of hydraulics 1957
Rutherford, D.E. Vector methods 1939
Rydnik, V. Qu'est-ce que la méchanique quantique 1969
Sachdev, P.L. Nonlinear diffusive waves 1987
Sauer, R.; Szabó, I. Mathematische Hilfsmittel des Ingenieurs, teil 1 1967
Sauer, Robert Anfangswertprobleme bei partiellen Differentialgleichungen 1958
Schlichting, H.; Truckenbrodt, E. Aerodynamik des Flugzeuges, Teil I 1967
Schlichting, H.; Truckenbrodt, E. Aerodynamik des Flugzeuges, Teil II 1967
Schlichting, Hermann Boundary-layer theory 1968
Schrefler, B.A.; Zienkiewicz, O.C. Computer modelling in Ocean Engineering, 88 1988
Schuber, Max; Wilhelmi, Bernd Einführung in die nichtlineare Optik 1971
Schutz, Bernard F. A first course in general relativity 1985
Scott, Alwyn Encyclopaedia of nonlinear science 2005
Sedov, L.I. Mechanics of continuous media, vol I 1997
Sedov, L.I. Mechanics of continuous media, vol II 1997
Segel, Lee A. Mathematics applied to continuum mechanics 2007
Seymour, Richard J. Nearshore sediment transport 1989
Shiryayev, A.N. Probability 1984
Skolknik, Merill Radar handbook 1970
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang der höheren Mathematik IV 1966
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang der höheren Mathematik V 1966
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang der höheren Mathematik IV/1 1969
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang der höheren Mathematik IV/2 1969
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang de höheren Mathematik I 1961
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang de höheren Mathematik II 1961
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang de höheren Mathematik III 1961
Smirnov, W.I. Lehrgang de höheren Mathematik VI 1961
Smith, Donald, R. Singular-perturbation theory 1985
Snedecor, George W.; Cochran, William G. Statistical methods 1967
Spain, B. Vector Analysis 1965
Stam, A.J. Inleiding tot de waarschijnlijkheidsrekening 1964
Stewart, G.W. Afternotes on numerical analysis 1996
Stiefel, E. Einführung in die numerische Mathematik 1965
Strahler, Arthur N.; Strahler, Alan H. Modern physical geography 1978
Subba Rao, T.; Gabr, M.M. An introduction to bispectral analysis and bilinear time series models 1984
Sushkov, V.V. Technical thermodynamics
Svendsen, Ib A.; Jonsson, Ivar G. Hydrodynamics of coastal regions 1976
Takeno, S. Dynamical problems in soliton systems 1985
Taniuti, Tosiya; Nishihara, Katsunobu Nonlinear waves, solitons and chaos 1983
Targ, S. Éléments de mechanique rationelle 1966
Taylor, Michael E. Pseudodifferential operators 1981
Temme, N.M. Speciale functies in de mathematische fysica 1990
Thomson, J.M.T.; Stewart, H.B. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos 1986
Timman, R.; Reyn, J.W. Vectoranalyse 1965
Toda, Morikazu Studies of a non-linear lattice 1975
Tong, Howell Threshold models in non-linear time series analysis 1983
Townsend, A.A. The structure of turbulent shear flow 1976
Trefethen, Lloyd N.; Bau, David Numerical linear algebra 1997
Truesdell, C. A first course in rational continuum mechanics I 1977
Tsytovich, Vadim N. Nonlinear effects in plasma 1970
Turner, J.S. Buoyancy effects in fluids 1973
Uscincski, B.J. The elements of wave propagation in random media 1977
Vande-Broeck, Jean-Marc Gravity-capillary free-surface flows 2010
Vanmarcke, Erik Random Fields 1984
Vedenov, A.A. Theory of turbulent plasma 1965
Voltsiner, N.E.; Klevanntsi, K.A.; Pelinovskii, E.N. Dlinnovolnovaja dinamika pridrezhioi zontsji 1989
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Weinberg, Steven Gravitation and cosmology, principles and application of the general theory of relativity 1972
Whittaker, E.T.; Watson, G.N. A coursein modern analysis 1969
Wiener, Norbert Time series 1949
Wijvekate, M.L. Verklarende statistiek 1967
Witham, G.B. Linear and nonlinear waves 1974
Yaglom, A.M. An introduction to the theory of stationary random functions 1962
Yaglom, A.M. Correlation theory of stationary and related random functions, I 1987
Yaglom, A.M. Correlation theory of stationary and related random functions, II 1987
Yariv, Amnon Quantum electronics 1972
Yeh, Harry;  Liu, Philip; Synolakis, Costas Long-wave runup models 1996
Zaharov, V.E.; L'vov, V.S.; Falkovich, G. Kolmogorov spectra of Turbulence I 1992