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The communications on Hydraulic an Geotechnical Engineering have been published by the Department of Hydraulic Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Delft University of Technology. In the first years mainly research reports were published, in the later years the main focus was republishing Ph.D.-theses from this Department. The function of the paper version of the Communications was to disseminate information mainly to other libraries and research institutes. (Note that not all Ph.D.-theses of the department were published in this series. For a full overview is referred to ==> research ==> dissertations).

At this moment this series is mainly used to disseminate background information related to other publications (e.g. data reports with data underlying journal papers and Ph.D. theses). Recent issues of the Communications are only available in digital format. A notification will be sent to interested readers when new issues are released. For placement on the notification list, please send an e-mail to

Older versions (before 1986) were published as Communications on Hydraulic Engineering
A number of internal reports were not published in this series, but are available via this website.

Postal address for the Communications is: TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, department of Hydraulic Engineering, Stevinweg 1, 2628CN Delft, Netherlands. Permissions for republishing parts (figures, data), can be obtained from the responsible publisher, ir. H.J. Verhagen

Number Author Title and link type and size
2020-01 Schiereck, G.J.; Versluis, G. HATT, Hydraulic and Astronomic Tidal Training: User manual report, 24 pp
2017-01 Marijnissen, R.J.C.; Aarninkhof, S.G.J. Marsh Recession and Erosion study of the Fraser Delta, B.C., Canada from Historic Satellite Imagery report, 52 pp
2016-01 Verhagen, H.J. Accidental use of earth bodies as flood defences report, 5 pp
2015-02 Voorendt, M.Z. The 'Delft design method' for hydraulic engineers report, 38 pp
2015-01 Voorendt, M.Z. The development of the Dutch Flood safety strategy report, 51 pp
2014-03 Van den Bos, J.P. Reflection and transmission through a vertical, permeable breakwater report, 13 pp
2014-02 LÍ Hai Trung Velocity and water-layer thickness of overtopping flows on sea dikes: Report of measurements and formulas development report, 57 pp
2014-01 Verhagen, H.J. Ratio between stone diameter and nominal diameter report, 23 pp
2013-1 Verhagen, H.J.  EMS wave logger data processing report, 35 pp
2012-4 te Slaa, S.  Calibration report Annular Flume at the Faculty of Coastal Engineering, Zhejiang University report, 18 pp
2012-3 LÍ Hai Trung Root characteristics of some grass species on the sea dikes in Viet Nam  report, 56 pp
2012-2 LÍ Hai Trung Wave overtopping simulator on a 1/15 slope protected by two local grass species report, 118 pp
2012-1 den Heijer, C.  Reliability methods in OpenEarthTools report, 17 pp
2011-1 LÍ Hai Trung Destructive tests with the wave overtopping simulator Report, 68 pp+ appendices
2010-1 Hillen, M.M., Jonkman, S.N., Kanning, W., Kok, M. Geldenhuys, M.A., Stive, M.J.F. Coastal defence cost estimates report, 85 pp
2007-1 Hoan, N.T. Experimental data on Stone Stability under non-uniform flow Report, 197 pp
2005-1 Maggi, F. Flocculation dynamics of cohesive sediment Ph.D.-thesis, 136 pp
2005-2 van Vuren, Saskia Stochastic modelling of river morphodynamics Ph.D.-thesis, 275 pp
2005-3 Boers, M. Surf zone turbulence Ph.D.-thesis, 171 pp
2005-4 Hofland, B. Rock & Roll: turbulence-induced damage to granular bed protection Ph.D.-thesis, 221 pp
2005-5 Klein, M. Modelling rhythmic morphology in the surf zone Ph.D.-thesis, 165 pp
2004-1 van Prooijen, Bram Shallow mixing layers Ph.D.-thesis, 123 pp
2004-2 de Jong, Martijn Origin and prediction of seiches in Rotterdam harbour basins Ph.D.-thesis, 116 pp
2004-3 Hibma, Anneke Morphodynamic modelling of estuarine channel-shoal systems Ph.D.-thesis, 122 pp
2004-4 Suastika, I.K. Wave blocking Ph.D.-thesis, 155 pp
2004-5 Nguyen Thanh Hoan The B009 data in the backward facing step experiment Report, 40 pp
2003-1 Bruens, Ankie Wilma Entraining mud suspensions Ph.D.-thesis, 137 pp
2003-2 van Ledden, Mathijs  Sand-mud segregation in estuaries and tidal basins Ph.D.-thesis, 218 pp
2002-1 Vos, S.E. Variational wave data-assimilation for operational wave forecasting Ph.D.-thesis, 125 pp
2002-2 Sistermans, Paul G.J. Graded sediment transport by non-breaking waves and a current Ph.D.-thesis, 205 pp
2002-3 Voortman, Hessel G Risk-based design of large-scale flood defence systems Ph.D.-thesis, 252 pp
2002-4 Visser, P.J. Groei bres in Afsluitdijk na dijkdoorbraak Report, 38 pp
2001-1 Gelder, Pieter van; Roos, Alex; Vrijling, Han Risk based design of civil structures Report, 53 pp
2001-2 Bijvelds, Marco Numerical modelling of estuarine flow over steep topography Ph.D.-thesis, 136 pp
2001-3 Busnelli, Marcela Maria  Numerical simulation of free surface flows with steep gradients Ph.D.-thesis, 180 pp
2001-4 Petit, H.A.H Diffusion and dispersion of numerical schemes for Hyperbolic problems Report, 217 pp
2000-1 Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. van Statistical methods for the risk-based design of civil structures Ph.D.-thesis, 248 pp
2000-2 Merckelbach, Lucas Consolidation and strength evolution of soft mud layers Ph.D.-thesis, 151 pp
1999-1 Ham, R. van der Turbulent exchange of fine sediments in tidal flow Ph.D.-thesis, 176 pp
1999-2 Reniers, Ad Longshore current dynamics Ph.D.-thesis, 132 pp
1999-3 Winterwerp, Han On the dynamics of high-concentrated mud suspensions Ph.D.-thesis, 172 pp
1999-4 Dohmen-Janssen, C.Marjolein Grain size influence on sediment transport in oscillatory sheet flow Ph.D.-thesis, 246 pp
1999-5 Groeneweg, Jacco Wave-current interactions in a generalized Lagrangian mean formulation Ph.D.-thesis, 134 pp
1998-1 Visser, Paul Breach growth in sand-dikes Ph.D.-thesis, 172 pp
1997-1 Sloff, C.J. Sedimentation in reservoirs Ph.D.-thesis, 270 pp
1997-2 Tukker, J. Turbulence structures in shallow free-surface mixing layers Ph.D.-thesis, 118 pp
1997-3 Sieben, J Modelling of hydraulics and morphology in mountain rivers Ph.D.-thesis, 222pp
1997-4 Ris, R.C. Spectral modelling of wind waves in coastal areas Ph.D.-thesis, 160 pp
1997-5 Kessel, Thijs van   Generation and transport of subaqueous fluid mud layers Ph.D.-thesis, 150 pp
1996-1 Kranenburg, C. Advection models of longitudinal dispersion in rivers Report, 20 pp
1996-2 Sieben, A One-dimensional models for mountain-river morphology Report, 101 pp
1996-3 Mazijk, A van One-dimensional approach of transport phenomena of dissolved matter in rivers Ph.D.-thesis, 310 pp
1996-4 Eldeberky, Yasser Nonlinear transformation of wave spectra in the nearshore zone Ph.D.-thesis, 199 pp
1996-5 Boers, M. Simulation of a surf zone with a barred beach. Report 1. Wave heights and wave breaking Report, 116 pp
1995-1 Boers, M. Bedforms and undertow in the surf zone; an analysis of the LIP 11D-data  Report, 129 pp
1995-2 Wit, P.J. de Liquefaction of cohesive sediments caused by waves Ph.D.-thesis, 194 pp
1995-3 Sieben, A. A study on one-dimensional and discontinuous river flows with mobile beds Report, 62 pp
1995-4 Baars, Stefan van Discrete element analysis of granular material Report, 133 pp
1995-5 Gent, Marcel van Wave interaction with permeable coastal structures Ph.D.-thesis, 199 pp
1995-6 Janssen, C.M. Sand transport in oscillatory sheet-flow; a literature review Report, 218 pp
1994-1 Voorendt, Mark; Graaf, Jan van de In search of a better sediment mixing coefficient model Report, 34 pp
1994-2 Booij, R. Measurements of the flow field in a rotating annular flume Report, 160 pp
1994-3 Sieben, A Notes on the mathematical modelling of alluvial mountain rivers Report, 134 pp
1994-4 Kuik, C.A. van; Mazijk, A. van Analysis of the transport of a pollution cloud in the Upper-Rhine River between Lake of Constance Report, 56 pp
1994-5 Sloff, C.J Modelling turbidity currents in reservoirs Report, 139 pp
1994-6 M.D.Taal Flow and salt transport in mangrove swamps report - 214 pp
1994-7 Visser, Paul J Application of sediment transport formulae to sand-dike breach erosion Report, 78 pp
1994-8 Dunsbergen, D.W. Particle models for transport in three-dimensional shallow water flow Ph.D.-thesis, 228 pp
1994-9 Zhang, Changkuan Cross-shore sediment transport; analysis of Delta Flume data and mathematical modelling Report, 78 pp
1993-1 Blom, P. Turbulent free-surface flow over a sill Ph.D.-thesis, 198 pp
1993-2 Won, YS, Battjes, J.A. Spectral Bousinesq modelling of random waves  
1993-3 Jin, Xian-You Quasi-three-dimensional numerical modelling of flow and dispersion in shallow water Ph.D.-thesis, 174 pp
1993-4 Sieben, J Hydraulics and morphology of mountain rivers; literature survey Report, 158 pp
1993-5 Csiti, Anna Land disposal options of contaminated dredged material Report, 25 pp
1993-6 Tijsseling, A.S Fluid-structure interaction in case of waterhammer with cavitation Ph.D.-thesis, 228 pp
1993-7 Dunsbergen, D.W.; Stelling, G. A 3D particle model for transport problems in transformed coordinates Report, 31 pp
1993-8 Sloff, C.J. Analysis of basic equations for sediment-laden flows Report, 54 pp
1993-9 Gent, M.R.A. van Stationary and oscillatory flow through coarse porous media Report, 145 pp
1993-10 Kranenburg, C An entrainment model for fluid mud Report, 23 pp
1993-11 Gent, M.R.A. van Berm breakwaters; hydrodynamics, forces and profile-development Report , 145 pp
1992-1 Kleijwegt, Rob A. On sediment transport in circular sewers with non-cohesive deposits Ph.D.-thesis, 223 pp
1992-2 Gent, M.R.A. van Formulae to describe porous flow Report, 50 pp
1992-3 Mosselman, E. Mathematical modelling of morphological processes in rivers with erodible banks Ph.D.-report, 134 pp
1992-4 Sloff, C.J. The method of characteristics applied to analyse 2DH models Report, 62pp
1992-5 Talmon, A.M. Bed topography of river bends with suspended sediment transport Ph.D.-thesis, 244 pp
1992-6 Gent, M.R.A. van Numerical model for wave action on and in coastal structures Report, 91 pp
1992-7 Hoffmans, G.J.C.M. Two-dimensional mathematical modelling of local-scour holes Ph.D.-thesis, 198 pp
1992-8 Langendoen, E.J. Flow patterns and transport of dissolved matter in tidal harbours Ph.D.-thesis, 186 pp
1992-9 Chen, Zhiwen Sediment concentration and sediment transport due to action of waves and a current Ph.D.-thesis, 212 pp
1992-10 Leeuwen, P.J. van Low frequency wave generation due to breaking wind waves Ph.D.-thesis, 151 pp
1991-1 Mosselman, E. Modelling of river morphology with non-orthogonal horizontal curvilinear coordinates Report, 94 pp
1991-2 Sloff, C.J. Reservoir sedimentation; a literature survey Report, 126 pp
1990-1 Tolman, H.L. Wind wave propagation in tidal seas Ph.D.-thesis, 135 pp
1990-2 Vledder, G.Ph. van Directional response of wind waves to turning winds Ph.D.-thesis, 225 pp
1990-3 Crosato, A Simulation of meandering river processes Report, 90 pp
1989-1 Wang, Z.B. Mathematical modelling of morphological processes in estuaries Ph.D.-thesis, 208 pp
1989-2 Tolman, H.L The numerical model WAVEWATCH Report, 72 pp
1989-3 Mosselman, E. Theoretical investigation on discharge-induced river-bank erosion Report, 56 pp
1989-4 Versteegh, J. The numerical simulation of three-dimensional flow through or around hydraulic structures Ph.D.-thesis, 211 pp
1989-5 Talmon, A.M. A theoretical model for suspended sediment transport in river bends Report, 66 pp
1988-1 Tacke, J.H.P.M. Hydraulic rams; a comparative investigation (also internal report 1987-4) Report, 250 pp
1988-1a Jong, P. de Hydraulic rams, a consumer guide Report, 20 pp
1988-2 Fontijn, H.L. Fender forces in ship berthing Ph.D.-thesis, (192 pp +app)
1987-1 Olesen, Kim Wium Bed topography in shallow river bends Ph.D.-thesis, 256 pp
1987-2 Ribberink, Jan S Mathematical modelling of one-dimensional morphological changes in rivers with non-uniform sediment Ph.D.-thesis, 200 pp
1986-1 Kalkwijk, J.P.Th Dispersion of matter in homogeneous, time-dependent nearly-horizontal flows Report, 60 pp
1986-2 Jansen, P.C.M A boundary element model for non-linear free surface phenomena Report, 39 pp
1986-3 Yu, Xu Qing The pressure gradient for heterogeneous flow of coal, sand and iron in pipelines Report, 36 pp
1986-4 Slot, R.E.; Geldof,H.J. An improved settling tube system for sand Report, 54 pp
1986-5 Battjes, J.A Energy dissipation in breaking solitary and periodic waves Report, 18 pp


The reports below were published in the series "communications on hydraulics"

Number Author Title and link Type and size
1985-1 Olesen,Kim Wium A mathematical model of the flow and bed topography in curved channels Report, 67 pp
1985-2 Vries, M. de A sensitivity analysis applied to morphological computations Keynote, 31pp
1984-1 Ribberink, J.S Aggradation in rivers due to overloading Report, 82 pp
1984-2 Visser, P.J. A mathematical model of uniform longshore currents and the comparison with laboratory data Report, 151 pp
1984-3 Kimura,A. Averaged two-dimensional low-frequency wave spectrum of wind waves Report, 54 pp
1983-1 Olesen, Kim Wium Alternate bars in and meandering of alluvial rivers (paper presented at the Rivers 1983 conference, New Orleans) Reprint, 21 pp
1983-2 Ribberink, J.S. Experiments with non-uniform sediment in case of bed-load transport Report, 163 pp
1983-3 Kranenburg, C. Wind-driven entrainment in a stably stratified fluid Report, 85 p
1983-4 Fontijn, H.L. Ship berthing to a vertical quay-wall: fender forces and ship motion Report, 170 pp
1983-5 Kranenburg, C. Buoyancy-driven leakage of oil from a ruptured submarine pipeline Report, 26 pp
1983-6 Vriend, H.J. de; Geldof, H.J. Main flow velocity in short and sharply curved river bends Report, 164 pp
1983-7 Galappatti, R. A depth integrated model for suspended transport Report, 114 pp
1982-1 Visser, P.J. The proper longshore current in a wave basin Report, 86 pp
1981-1 Booij, N. Gravity waves on water with non-uniform depth and current Ph.D.-thesis, 131 pp
1981-2 Holthuijsen, L.H. The directional energy distribution of wind generated waves as inferred from stereophotographic observations of the sea surface Ph.D.-thesis 193 pp
1981-3 Vriend, H.J. de Steady flow in shallow channel bends Ph.D.-thesis 260+182 pp
1980-1 Kalkwijk, J.P.Th.; Vriend, H.J. de Computation of the flow in shallow river bends (also published in J. Hydr.Res, 18 (1980) 4 Reprint, 25 pp
1980-2 Kranenburg, C. Analysis of a gradient transport model for turbulent density-stratified shear flow Report, 27 pp
1979-1 Holthuijsen, L.H. Stereophotography of ocean waves Report, 37 pp
1979-2 Kranenburg, C. Lake destratification induced by local air injection Report, 126 pp
1978-1 Kranenburg, C On the destratification of lakes and reservoirs using bubble columns Report, 119 pp
1978-2 Fontijn, H.L. The berthing ship problem: Forces on berthing structures from moving ships Report, 182 pp
1978-3 Booij, N. Report on the ICES subsystem FLOWS Report, 92 pp
1978-4 Ribberink, J.S. Bed-load formulae for non-uniform sediment Report, 24 pp
1977-1 Vries, M. de Modelling of sediment transport; link in a chain; (invited lecture for the XVIIth IAHR congress, Baden-Baden, 1977) Keynote, 10 pp
1977-2 Battjes, J.A. Probabilistic aspects of ocean waves Report, 52 pp
1976-1 Vriend, H.J. de A mathematical model of steady flow in curved shallow channels Report, 116 pp
1975-1 Bijker, E.W.; Kalkwijk, J.P.T.; Pieters, T. Mass transport in gravity waves on a sloping bottom Report, 125 pp
1975-2 Kranenburg, C. A model of turbulent diffusion Report, 43 pp
1975-3 Battjes, J.A. ; Roos, A. Characteristics of flow in run-up of periodic waves Report, 64 pp
1975-4 Fontijn, H.L. An approximative method for the determination of the hydrodynamic coefficients of a ship in case Report, 89 pp
1974-1 Kranenburg, C.; Geldof, H.J. Concentration effects on settling-tube analysis (also published in J. Hydr. Res. 12 (1974) 3) Reprint, 24 pp
1974-2 Battjes, J.A. Computation of set-up, longshore currents, run-up and overtopping due to wind-generated waves Ph.D-thesis, 255 pp
1974-3 Kranenburg, C. Concentration effects on settling-tube analysis Report, 41 pp
1973-1 Kalkwijk, J.P.Th. Hydrodynamic forces and ship motions induced by surges in a navigation lock Ph.D.-thesis
1973-2 Kranenburg, C. Transient cavitation in pipelines Ph.D.-thesis
1972-1 Vriend, H.J. de Theory of viscous flow in curved shallow channels Report, 124 pp
1972-2 Battjes, J.A. Set-up due to irregular waves (paper presented at the 13th ICCE, Vancouver, 1972) Reprint, 13 pp
1971-1 de Best, A.; Bijker, E.W. Scouring of a sand bed in front of a vertical breakwater Report, 7 pp
1971-2 Bijker, E.W. Littoral drift computations on mutual wave and current influence Report, 20 pp
1971-3 Kalkwijk, J.P.Th. Cavitation in horizontal pipelines due to water hammer Report, 61 pp
1970-1 Kranenburg, C. Grafieken ter bepaling van de minimale drukken in relatief lange leidingen met bufferschacht of windketel na pompafslag Report, 60 pp


The reports below were not published in the series "communications on hydraulics", but published as separate reports.

Note that both the sections "Hydraulic Engineering" (H), "Ports and Shipping" (P) and "Fluid Mechanics" (F) used a similar numbering system. Therefore some numbers appear twice or even three times. 

Number Author(s) Title and link Type
2005-1 Dankers, P.J.T. The intrusion of fine suspended sediment into a sandy sediment bed; a literature review internal report (F)
2003-1 Maggi, F. Extraction of the 3-D capacity dimension from 2-D projections of fractal flocs internal report (F)
2003-2 Maggi, F. Filtering technique for image analysis internal report (F)
2003-4 Visser, P.J. Doorbraak Houtribdijk
2002-1 Dankers, P.J.T. The behaviour of fines released due to dredging; a literature review internal report (F)
2002-4 Maggi. F. Survey of the numerical characteristics of 2D complex clusters internal report (F)
2002-5 Hofland, B. Veiligheidsrapport voor de PIV goot in het laboratorium voor vloeistofmechanica report for Delft Cluster (F)
2001-5 Holthuijsen, L.H. The continued development of the third generation shallow water wave model "SWAN", annual report report for the Office of Naval Research (F)
2001-6 Hofland, B. Report on measurements: pressure and velocity fluctuations around a granular-bed element report for Delft Cluster (F)
2001-7 Kieftenburg, A. A short overview of reflection formulations and suggestions for implementation in Swan report for the Office of Naval Research (F)
2000-1 Holthuijsen, L.H. Annual report on the continued development of the third-generation swallow water wave model "Swan" report for the Office of Naval Research (F)
2000-3 Bruens, A.W. Laboratory experiments on the entrainment by a concentrated benthic suspension internal report (F)
2000-4 Hofland, B. Pressure sensors and filtering techniques for stone stability assessment report for Delft cluster (F)
2000-7 Hofland, B. Stability of stones in the top layer of a granular filter, literature survey internal report (F)
2000-8 Visser, P.J. Bodemontwikkeling Rijnsysteem internal report (F)
1999-1 Kranenburg, C. Laminarisation in flows of concentrated benthic suspensions. Computations with a low-re mixing length model internal report (F)
1999-2 Bruens, A.W. Transport of cohesive sediments, classification and requirements for turbulence modelling internal report (F)
1999-3 Kranenburg, C. Entraining flow of a concentrated benthic suspension. Computation with the Prandtl mixing-length model internal report (F)
1999-4 Merckelbach, L.M. Consolidation and strength evolution of Dollard mud. Measurements on laboratory experiments internal report (F)
1999-5 Ham, R. van der Description of the turbulence measurements conducted in the tidal channel "Groote Gat"(Ems/Dollard) in 1995 and 1996 internal report (F)
1999-7 Busnelli, M.M. Numerical simulation of breach growth in sand-clay dikes report for Rijkswaterstaat (F)
1999 Suasitka, I.K. Viscous dissipation of monochromatic waves in still water of finite constant depth in a channel of finite width internal report (F)
1999 Suastika, I.K. Experimental study of blockage of monochromatic waves by counter currents internal report (F)
1998-1 Vrijling, J.K.; Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. van, Hauer, H. Schatting van aanvaardbare kansen voor de risico's bij het rekeningrijden voor Min. V&W (H)
1998-1 Merckelbach, L.M. Laboratory experiments on consolidation and strength evolution of mud layers internal report (F)
1998-2 Booij, R Erosie onder een geometrisch open filter voor RWS
1998-2a Klerk, A. de, Meulepas, J.M.k, Rhee, C. van, Kranenburg, C. Bezinken van zand in hopperzuigers, invloed van turbulentie en korrelverdeling (tekst en bijlagen) rapport voor VBKO (F)
1998-5 Kranenburg, C. Saturation concentrations of suspended fine sediment. Computation with the Prandtl mixing-length model internal report (F)
1998-6 Bijvelds, M.D.J.P. A three-dimensional fixed grid model for shallow-water flow internal report (F)
1998-7 Merckelbach, L.M. Consolidation and strength evolution of the Caland-Beer channel mud, measurement report on laboratory experiments internal report (F)
1998 Suastika, I.K. A pilot study to test a method to enhance the turbulence of a water flow in a laboratory flume internal report (F)
1997-1 Bijvelds, M.D.J.P. Recirculating steady flow in harbours: comparison of numerical computations to laboratory measurements internal report (F)
1997-2 Schijndel, S.A.H. van, Kranenburg, C. Aanslibbing van een rivierhaven; vermindering door aanpassing van de vormgeving van jachthavens 't Steel en La Bonne Aventure intern rapport (F)
1996-1 Hauer, M., van der Meulen, T. Parallelstroming in een geometrisch open filter intern rapport (H)
1996-1 Kessel, T. van. Rheological properties of cohesive sedimetn suspensions internal report (F)
1996-2 Ham, R. van der A guide for carousel experiments on cohesive sediments internal repor (F)
1996-3 Ham, R. van der The Ems/Dollard estuary, a physical system description internal report (F)
1996-4 Visser, P.J., Smit, M.J., Snip, D.W. Zwin '94 experiment, meetopstelling en overzicht van alle meetresultaten Interna report(F)
1996-7 Kessel, T. van Small-scale sounding tests on soft saturated cohesive soils internal report (F)
1996-9 Merkelbach, L.M. Consolidation theory and rheology of mud, a literature study internal report (F)
1996-10 Bijvelds, M.D.J.P., Stelling, G.S. EfficiŽnt berekenen van vertikale structuren internal report (F)
1995-4          Graaff,J. de; Slot,R.E. Determining particle size distributions from video images by use of image processing (English translation of 1995-6) Internal report (F)
1995-5 Graaff, J. de, Slot, R.E. Segmentation of silt particles from exposures with background by use of second derivative (report dat november 1983) internal report (F)
1995-6 Graaff, J. de, Slot, R.E. Bepaling van gemiddelde en spreiding van de snelheidsverdelling met de kruiscorrelatiemethode (rapportdaum oktober 1994) (see also 1995-4) intern rapport (F)
1994-1/5 Kortlever, W. Wave attenuation by using reed for bank protection internal reports (F)
1994-2 Booij,R., Melis, L.M.M. Measurements in a caroussel internal report (F)
1994-8 Reuber, J. Physical and numerical modelling of the erosion of a fluid mud layer due to entrainment internal report (F)
1994-10 Tukker, J Turbulent mixing layers in shallow water internal report (F)
1994-11 Tukker, J. Drie-dimensionale laser-doppler snelheidsmetingen in de bochtgoot intern rapport (F)
1994-12 Visser, P.J. A model for breach growth in a san-dike and its prediction for the Zwin 94 experiment internal report (F)
1994-14 Holthuijsen; L.H., Elderberky, Y; Booij, N; Ferier, P The maximum significant wave height in the Southern North Sea (February 1995) report (F) for Rijkswaterstaat
1994-15 Booij, R., Tukker, J. Veiligheidsrapport voor de 3D-laser-doppler meetopstelling bij de bochtgoot in het Laboratorium voor Vloeistofmechanica intern rapport (F)
1993-1 Van der Velden, E.T.J.M. Ontgrondingen rond pijpleidingen op slibhoudend zand for STW (H)
1993-2 Wit, P.J. de Liquefaction and erosion of mud due to waves and currents, experiments on Westwald clay internal report (F)
1992-1 Chapman, A Sand erosion at the toe of a gabion-protected dune face IASTE trainee (H)
1992-1 Kranenburg, C. On the precision of sedimentation balance measuements internal report (F)
1992-2 Talmon, A.M. Flow equations for river bends derived by tensor calculus and flow acceleration in depth-averaged models internal report (F)
1992-4 Toom, A.M. den, Kranenburg, C. De sedimet, een sedementatiebalans intern rapport (F)
1992-7 Wit, P.J. de Clay properties internal report (F)
1992-8 Wit, P.J. de Instruments used in the research on chohesive sediments internal report (F)
1992-9 Wit, P.J. de Rheological measurements on artificial muds internal report (F)
1992-10 Wit, P.J. de Liquefaction and erosion of mud due to waves and current: Experiments on China Clay internal report (F)
1992-11 Kranenburg, C. Hindered settling and consolidation of mud - analytical results internal report (F)
1991-1 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 5 internal report (F)
1991-2 Kranenburg, C. On internal waves in a density-stratified estuary internal report (F)
1991-3 Kranenburg, C. Verspreiding van zout bij het terugwinnen van zeezand uit een depot in het Haringvliet internal report (F)
1991-4 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de A suspended-load experiment in a straight flume at Delft Hydraulics internal report (F)
1991-5 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 5 internal report (f)
1991-10a Hoffmans, G.J.C.M. Users Manual DUCT-SUSTRA internal report (F)
1991-14 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de Bed-levelling experiments with suspendeds load internal report (F)
1990-1 Langendoen, E.J., Karelse, M. Laboratory observations of velocity and density fields in the entrance of a harbor on a stratified tidal river internal report (F)
1990-3 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 4 internal report (F)
1990-4 Hoffmans, G.J.C.M. Concentration and flow velocity measurements in a local scour hole internal report (F)
1990-5 Langendoen, E.J. Laboratory observations of the velocity field in the entrance of a tidal harbor and the exchange of heat between harbor and river internal report (F)
1990-6 Kranenburg, C. Verspreiding van opgelost zout vanuit een zanddepot in het Haringvliet rapport voor combinatie Zeezand Haringvliet (F)
1989-4 Talmon, A.M. Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 2 internal report (F)
1989-7 Talmon, A.M., Graaff, J. de Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 3 internal report (F)
1989-8 Langendoen, E.J. Laboratory observations and calculations of the depth averaged flow patterns in a square harbor on a tidal river internal report (F)
1989 Crosato, A. Morphological response of rivers to withdrawal of water internal report (F)
1988-1 Hoffmans, G.J.C.M. Lokale ontgronding. Analyse geparametriseerd waterbewegingsmodel 'profielmethode' intern rapport (F)
1988-2 Hoffmans, G.J.C.M. Local scour, flow simulation by the 2D turbulent model Odyssee internal report (F)
1988-4 Talmon, A.M., Marsman, E.R.A. A curved flume bed-load experiment internal report (F)
1988-5 Talmon, A.M. Simulation of a curved flume bed-load experiment internal report (F)
1988-8 Talmon, A.M., Marsman, E.R.A. Suspended-load experiments in a curved flume, run no. 1 internal report (F)
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rapport (F) voor CUR C37
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Aftappunt ringleiding intern rapport