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A lot of information about TU Delft and TU Delft courses is available digitally via the internet. However, some pages are sometimes difficult to find. This page gives an overview of some relevant pages. A more extensive overview of hydraulic engineering information in general is given in this Virtual Knowledge center ( or

Study guide (

On this page you find an overview of all programs and courses.
First select the course year, the organisation (e.g. civil engineering), the type (e.g. Master) and Education (e.g. Master civiele techniek)
For programs, select the "program" tab. Then you can select a track and you get an overview of all courses in that track. Note that the info found at the "specialisation tracks" does not include the common courses; These common courses are mentioned under the heading one level higher. When you click on the course number, you get a course description.
With the "search" tab you can directly search for course using the course code, or the instructor's name or a keyword from the course name.
A list with all course given by Hydraulic Engineering is available. Note that the BSc courses have now another name (CTBxxxx instead of CTxxxx)

Schedule (

On this page you find all course schedules. Start with selecting a faculty in the first box, Then select a program form the left column (e.g. CITG-MSc CT HE), select the period (recommended is to use only 8:0018:00 and the grid timetable) and press on "view timetable".

Open Courseware (

On this page you find access to all public on-line courses of TU Delft. For example for some hydraulic engineering courses, select "Master" and then "Hydraulic Engineering". You find our MOOC's under the tab "MOOC" (Water treatment and Water and climate)

Blackboard (

Blackboard is the on-line learning platform of TU Delft. A large part is also accessible for guests. Go to the website and do not log in, but clidk on the tab "courses". Then type in the search box the course code (can be found via the digital study guide, e.g. CIE4310 for the course on Bed, Bank and Shoreline protection), click on GO and then click on the (blue) course ID code.

Lecture notes Hydraulic Engineering

Older lecture notes of Hydraulic engineering are available in this VKC Hydraulic engineering. Click on the above link for access. Some lecture notes are published by VSSD publishers (Delft Academic Press), but most lecture notes are published by Microweb Edu. Also external clients may order lectue notes directly from these publishers. Click on the links for access to the order sites.


All MSc and PhD theses of the university are on-line available via our repository. An overview of the theses produced by hydraulic engineering is given in this VKC. You can find:

Hydraulic Engineering

Direct link to the homepage of the Hydraulic Engineering Department