Glossary for the subject CIE5314

Angle of repose hoek van het natuurlijke talud
Aquifer aquifer
Aquifer watervoerende laag
Aquitard aquitard underground layer with low permeability
Blanket bodembescherming A layer or layers of graded fine stones underlying a breakwater, GROYNE or rock EMBANKMENT to prevent the natural bed material from being washed away.
Boundary condition randvoorwaarde
Breach bres breach in a levee, dike or sand dune
Breaker parameter Iribarrengetal dimensionless parameter to descibe wave-structure interaction, the ratio between structur slope and wave steepness
Cascading dike failures trapsgewijs falen van opeenvolgende dijken
Catchment stroomgebied The area which drains naturally to a particular point on a river, thus contributing to its natural discharge
Characteristic value karakteristieke waarde
Compacting verdichten
Consolidation consolidatie
Core boorkern A vertical cylindrical sample of the bottom sediments from which the nature and stratification of the bottom may be determined.
Correlation correlatie
Cover layer Toplaag The outer layer used in a revetment system as protection against external hydraulic loads
CPT (cone penetration test) sondering
Creep kruip
crest kruin top part of a construction
Critical head difference kritisch stijghoogteverschil
Crown kruin Top of a structure
Cumulative distribution function verdelingsfunctie
Damage function schadefunctie
Damping demping
Design storm Ontwerpstorm Sea walls will often be designed to withstand wave attack by the extreme design storm. The severity of the storm (i.e. RETURN PERIOD) is chosen in view of the acceptable level of risk of damage or failure.
design water level ontwerpwaterstand water level used in the design, usually a waterlevel with a given return probability
Deterministic deterministisch
dike (dyke) dijk A long, low embankment with a height usually less than four to five metres and a length more than ten or fifteen times the maximum height. Usually applied to protect land from flooding. (Dike is to be preferred above Dyke)
dike circle dijkring system of dikes (or high grounds) surronding a polder, protecting this polder against inundation
Discharge debiet amount of water flowing trough a cross section per unit of time (m3/s)
Ditch sloot
Ditch greppel
drag slepen - trekken - stromingsweerstand
Drawdown snelle daling waterniveau
Effective stress effectieve korrelspanning
Embankment dijk, kade An artificial bank such as a mound or dike generally built to retain (hold back) water or to carry a roadway. An embankment is generally higher than a DIKE.
Equi-potential line potentiaallijn
Estuary zeearm
Exit gradient uittreegradient
Exit point uittreepunt
Expected annual damage verwachte jaarlijkse schade
External safety externe veiligheid
Extreme value extreme waarde
Factor of safety veiligheidsfactor
Failure mechanism faalmechanisme
Failure mode faalmechanisme
Failure probability Faalkans The probability that a construction is no longer able to perform its function (is not the probability of collapse)
Failure probability Bezwijkkans Probablity that a structure fails
Fault tree foutenboom
Fetch Strijklengte The area in which SEAS are generated by a wind having a fairly constant direction and speed. Sometimes used synonymously with FETCH LENGTH, which is the horizontal distance, (in the direction of the wind) over which a wind generate SEAS of creates WIND SETUP.
Flood defence waterkering
Flood defence act wet op de waterkering
Flood risk overstromingsrisico
Flood wall Keermuur Wall, retired from the seaward edge of the sea wall crest, to prevent water from flowing on to the land behind.
Flow net vierkantennet
foreshore vooroever The part of the shore, lying between the crest of the seaward berm (or upper limit of wave wash at high tide) and the ordinary low-water mark, that is ordinarily traversed by the uprush and backrush of the waves as the tides rise and fall. See BEACH FACE.
Fragility curve kwetsbaarheidscurve Functios indicating the conditional failure probablility as a function of the load
freeboard waakhoogte The additional height of a structure above design high water level that is added to prevent overflow. Also, the vertical distance between the water level and the top of the structure at a given time.
Friction angle wrijvingshoek
Gabion schanskorf a basket or cage filled with earth or rocks and used especially in building a support or abutment or shoreline
Groyne (beach groyne) Strandhoofd dam perpendicular to the beach with the purpose to decrease longshore transport
groyne (river groyne) krib (rivierkrib) short dam in a river perpendicular to the embankment with the purpose to concentrate the flow in the middle of the river
Head stijghoogte
Head difference stijghoogteverschil
heave opdrijven heave of the topsoil becasue of overpressure in the underground
heave heave unstable sand, quicksand, caused by upwards flowing water
Hindcast Hindcast The use of historic synoptic wind charts to calculate characteristics of waves that probably occurred at some past time.
Hinterland achterland
Hydraulic conductivity doorlatendheid
Hydraulic roughness hydraulische weerstand
impermeable niet poreus, ondoorlatend
Individual risk individueel risico
Intredepunt entrance point
Intrusion length indringingslengte
Inundation overstroming (inundatie) Inundation is both the act of intentionally flooding land that would otherwise remain dry, for military, agricultural, or river-management purposes, and the result of such an act.
Iribarren number Iribarrengetal dimensionless parameter to descibe wave-structure interaction, the ratio between structur slope and wave steepness
Kinematic viscosity kinematische viscositeit
Leakage factor lekfactor
Leakage length leklengte
Levee dijk A dike or embankment to protect land from inundation (typical US term,usually along a river, but in New Orleans area also seadikes).
Limit state function betrouwbaarheidsfunctie
liquefaction zettingsvloeiing saturated sand behaving like a fluid
Macro instability macroinstabiliteit
Micro instability microinstabiliteit
Multi-layered safety meerlaagsveiligheid
Oblique schuin
Overflow overloop
Overload overbelasting
Overtopping Overslag Passing of water over the top of a structure as a result of wave runup or surge action.
Overwash Overslag That portion of the uprush that carries over the crest of a berm or of a structure.
peat veen
Permeability Doorlatendheid
permeable doorlatend construction where water may flow through; usually with small openings to prevent passing of sand
Phreatic level freatisch niveau
Phreatic level stijghoogte
piping piping (pijpvorming) formation of a "pipe" by erosion under a hard surface by ground water flow
pitch zetten (plaveien) Placing blocks in a regular pattern in a revetment
Pore water pressure waterspanning
Potential potentiaal
Probability density function dichtheidsfunctie
Probability distribution kansverdeling
Probability distribution function verdelingsfunctie
Probability of exceedance overschrijdingskans
Reliability betrouwbaarheid
Relief well verlichtingswel
Residual risk restrisico
Residual strength reststerkte
Retain keren
Retention basin retentiebekken a basin used to manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay.
Return period herhalingstijd
revetment steenzetting, bekleding A facing of stone, concrete, etc., built to protect a scarp, embankment, or shore structure against erosion by wave action or currents.
riprap breuksteen, stortsteen A protective layer or facing of quarrystone, usually well graded within wide size limit, randomly placed to prevent erosion, scour, or sloughing of an embankment of bluff; also the stone so used. The quarrystone is placed in a layer that is at least twice the thickness of the 50 percent size or 1.25 times the thickness of the largest size stone in the gradation.
Risk curve groepsrisico-curve
Safety assessment toetsing
Safety standard veiligheidsnorm
saltmarsh kwelder An area periodically flooded by water, usually above normal high water
Sand boil wel
saturated verzadigd
scour ontgronding, uitschuring Removal of underwater material by waves and currents, especially at the base or toe of a shore structure.
Seepage kwel
Seepage screen kwelscherm screen (usually a sheetpile) under the construction that makes the seepage length longer
Seepage surface lekvlak
Seepange length kwellengte distance thw water has to travel through the soil body to leave at the landward side of a protection structure
settlement zetten (van grond)
shear stress schuifspanning
sheet pile damwand
slide afschuiving sliding of a part of a ground body (usually with slope) because of exceedance of the internal shear strength
slip circle glijcirkel
slip surface glijvlak
Societal risk groepsrisico
Soil nailing Grondvernageling
Stability stabiliteit
Stochastic variable stochast a variable with a certain stochastic variation
storm surge stormvloed A rise above normal water level on the open coast due to the action of wind stress on the water surface. Storm surge resulting from a hurricane also includes that rise in level due to atmospheric pressure reduction as well as that due to wind stress. See WIND SETUP.
Stream line stroomlijn
Subsoil ondergrond
Suffusion Uitlogingserosie migration of soil particles through the soil matrix
Surf Similarity parameter Iribarrengetal dimensionless parameter to descibe wave-structure interaction, the ratio between structur slope and wave steepness
Toe teen
Toe ditch kwelsloot A ditch at the inner side of a dike to catch the seepage water and discharge it
Total stress totaalspanning
Transmissivity doorlatendheid
Uplift Opwaartse druk The upward water pressure on the base of a structure or pavement.
Volumetric weight volumegewicht
Water board waterschap
Wave setup golfopzet Super-elevation of the water surface over normal surge elevation due to onshore mass transport of the water by wave action alone.
well wel a place where groundwater is upwelling
wind set up (storm surge) windopzet (opwaaing) local rise of the waterlevel due to the wind action)