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     Waves and Operational Oceanography 2003

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The Waves and Operational Oceanography 2003 was held in Brest, France on the 23rd and 24th of June. This page gives all the available papers and slides of this conference.
Some additional downloads: Programme Summary (Note that the links in these documents do not work)

F. Ardhuin, B. Chapron and T.M. Elfouhaily The wave-driven ocean circulation: basic formalism and applications to surface drift Link Slides
P.A.E.M. Janssen, O. Saetra, C. Wettre, H. Hersbach and J. Bidlot Impact of the sea state on the atmosphere and ocean Link
A.D. Jenkins Lagrangian and surface-following coordinate approaches to wave-induced currents and air-sea momentum flux in the open ocean Link Slides
A.J.H.M. Reniers Modeling of complex beach morphodynamics Slides and movies
J. Wolf Coupling waves and currents in POLCOMS with measurements from the Coastal Observatory Link Coupling Wave modelling Remote sensing
P.-M. Poulain Near-Surface Shear Measurements with Lagrangian Drifters: Preliminary Results Presentation Results
M.A. Doneland Wind Generation of Waves and the Aerodynamic Drag in High Winds Slides
T. Hara, I.-J. Moon, I. Ginis, S.E. Belcher and H. Tolman Effects of Surface Waves on air-sea momentum flux under tropical cyclones Slides
W.L. Peirson Some new observations regarding the attenuation and growth of wind-forced waves Link Slides
M.L. Banner, E. Kriezi and R. Morison Towards reliable breaking wave forecasts at sea Link Slides
G.Ph. van Vledder A practical extension of today's representation of waves nonlinear interactions Slides
M. Stiassnie A Note on Hasselmann's Energy-Transfer Model Link
D.R. Thompson, L.A. Linstrom, R.F. Gasparovic and T.M. Elfouhaily Delay/Doppler Analyses of GPS Sea Reflections Slides
P. Vincent and E. Thouvenot Sea-State bias, Inverted Barometer Correction, Aliasing of the High Frequency Variability of the Sea-Surface Heights Slides
E. Thouvenot Perspectives for Satellite Oceanography (and CNES related programmes) Slides
N. Reul and B. Chapron Impact of breaking waves on passive microwave remote sensing Slides
D. Hauser SWIMSAT: a satellite mission proposed to measure spectral properties of ocean waves Slides
S. Carniel, M. Sclavo and L.H. Kantha The influence of Langmuir Cells on the Velocity Structure in the Mixed Layer Link
K. Hasselmann Epilogue: Waves, Dreams, and Visions Link