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The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydro-informatics and continuing education and training. IAHR stimulates and promotes both research and it's application, and by so doing strives to contribute to sustainable development, the optimisation of world water resources management and industrial flow processes. IAHR accomplishes its goals by a wide variety of member activities including: working groups, research agenda, congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and short courses; Journals, Monographs and Proceedings; by involvement in international programmes such as UNESCO, WMO, IDNDR, GWP, ICSU, and by co-operation with other water-related (inter)national organisations. IAHR hosts congresses from as early as 1938. This page contains a selection of congresses and conferences hosted by IAHR from 2001 onwards. The proceedings of these congresses can be downloaded using the table below.

Date Location Acronym Name of conference + link Extra info
September 16-21, 2001 Beijing, China IAHR-2001 29th IAHR World Congress: Theme B - Theme C - Theme D(I) - Theme D(II) - Theme E - Theme ST Each theme has its own index page
August 24-29, 2003 Thessaloniki, Greece IAHR-2003 30th IAHR World Congress - Contents - Papers An overview of all papers by theme is given in Contents. In Papers the files with all papers of a single theme can be downloaded.
May 23-24, 2005 Nijmegen, The Netherlands IAHR-ISSH2005 9th International Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics - Index
July 1-6, 2007 Venice, Italy IAHR-2007 32nd IAHR World Congress - Index
August 9-14, 2009 Vancouver, Canada IAHR-2009 33rd IAHR World Congress - Index
February 22-24, 2010 Auckland, New Zealand IAHR-APD2010 17th IAHR Asian and Pacific Division congress - Table of Contents - Papers An overview of all papers is given in the TOC. Each paper has his own paper code, which is given after input in the form of e.g. 1a001. Use this code to find the required paper in Papers.
June 26-July 1, 2011 Brisbane, Australia IAHR-2011 34th IAHR World Congress - Table of Contents - Papers An overview of all papers is given in the TOC. In this TOC all papers have their unique code. Use this code to find the required paper in Papers.
April 14-16, 2014 Porto, Portugal IAHR-EU2014 3rd IAHR Europe Congress - Program - Papers You cannot reach the papers directly from the table of contents. Find out the correct paper and find it in the folder of the session. Note: a few number of papers is not available.