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Proceedings of the Nonlinear Water Waves Workshop, held at the University of Bristol, 22-25 October 1991.
Published by the University of Bristol, Department of Mathematics, ISBN 0-86292-390-5.
Full text pdf available via TU Delft repository

Y. Agnon and Alexandru Sheremet
    Nonlinear shoaling of wide-banded seas .. 1
J.A. Battjes and S. Beji
    Spectral evolution in waves traveling over a shoal 11
M.J. Cooker and D.H. Peregrine
    Numerical solutions of violent water-wave impact against a vertical wall 20
M.W. Dingemans and A.C. Radder
    Use of Hamiltonian techniques in water wave propagation problems 24
M.A. Donelan and Wm.M. Drennan
    Measurements and numerical calculations of the evolution of nonlinear wave groups ..... 32
R.E. Glazman
    Wave breaking and other issues in dynamics and statistics of wind waves ... .. 33
N.E. Huang
    The local properties of ocean surface waves by the phase-time method ... .. 35
P.A.E.M. Janssen
    Stability of steep gravity waves and the average Lagrangian 40
E. Kartashova
    Resonant interactions of the water waves with discrete spectra .... ... 43
J. Poitevin and C. Kharif
    Subharmonic transition of a nonlinear short gravity wave train on deep water .... 54
V.R. Kogan, V.V. Kuznetsov, E.N. Pelinovsky
    The numerical computation of surface waves .. 64
V.P. Krasitskii
    Canonical transformations and reduced equations in the    Hamiltonian theory of weakly nonlinear surface waves .. 66
V.A. Dulov and V.N. Kudryavtv
    Wave breaking and non-uniformities of atmosphere and ocean .. 75
R.S. Mackay
    A Hamiltonian formulation for uniformly travelling water waves 83
C.C. Mei
    Nonlinear interaction of short and long gravity waves 93
E.N. Peinovsky
    Nonlinear dynamics of internal waves in the ocean.. 96
D.H. Peregine
    Nonlinear effects in water-wave focussing .... 99
D.H. Pegrine
    Singularities in two-dimensional water waves .. 101
B. Chapron and A. Ramamonjiarisoa
    Observations of the evolution of nonlinear deep-water gravity wave trains. ... .. 103
N.N. Romanova
    On the construction of normal variables for waves in unstable n-layered shear flow ...... 113
P.G. Saffman
    Effect of shear layer profiles on wind wave generation .. 118
N. Scheffner, Joe Hammack and Harvey Segur
    Applications of Genus 2 solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation .... 121
V.L Shrira
    Water wave nonlinear interactions owing to drift current Directional spectra formation .... 128
Y. P. Soloviev
    Field observation of nonlinear effects and directional spectra of wind waves ...... 134
Y.P. Soloviev
    Modulation of short surface wind waves by internal waves .. 136
M. Stiassnie
    The multifractal structure of the ocean surface .... 140
M-Y. Su
    Some recent laboratory and field measurements of surface breaking waves ..... 148
H.H. Szu
    Elucidation of ocean waves by nonlhnear soliton wavelet dynamics .... 157
E.F. Thompson and M.J. Briggs
    Low frequency nearshore motions induced by wind waves ,. 158
R.P. Tong and D.H. Peregrine
    The generation of surface waves by a free vortex .... 164
L Tsimring and Y. Troitskaya
    Wave generation by gusty wind: a kinetic theory .... 172
M.P. Tulin and J.J. Li
    Three-dimensional side-band wave systems and their associated evolution problems ...... 174
A.G. Voronovich
    The effect of shortening of waves on random currents .. 183
G. Watson and D H. Peregrine
    Low frequency waves in the surf zone ...... 189
E.I. Yakubovich
    Stationary waves on the surface of a heavy liquid.... 200
V.E. Zakharov
    Direct and inverse cascade in the theory of water wave turbulence .. ...... 202
V.E. Zakharov
    On the formation of singularities on the free surface of ideal fluid ... 206